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Before the webinar, I suggest brainstorming your goals. Its easier to get organized and build a system when you clearly know your objectives. You can download a journaling PDF with some prompts to help you get clear.

Warning: it is very easy to signup for a webinar, download a PDF, and then get distracted.

Life gets in the way. I totally understand. Add this webinar to your calendar and invest the time in building a better system for yourself!

As a woman with both big dreams and ADHD, I know the frustration of starting and stopping projects while trying to remember where I left off.

What has been the game changer for me? Creating a second brain for myself with the Notion App. This has been vital for my career goals. I created a job hunting and career development dashboard for myself. My notes for job applications, interviews, and even career journal prompts are all in one place along with everything else I need to succeed.

In the Get Organized, Get Hired webinar, I talk about how created this second brain.

If you want my dashboard, you can get it for $10 by clicking here and using the coupon code “JobHunter”.


What does the dashboard include?

  • A minimalist version and three colorful options so you can choose which one suits your vibe.
  • A job application database so you always know what you applied to and who to follow up with.
  • Cheatsheets for interviews, networking, and writing a LinkedIn summary that makes you stand out!
  • Journaling prompts and more for career clarity.
  • Three resume templates that landed me my clients great jobs! These are worth $100 and have been proven to get results.

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