You're ready to level up your career, but how do you find the time or energy to do it?

You want to make a splash in your career by making an impact in your industry, utilizing your talents, and making it happen.

You want a wage that matches your worth.

But more than that, you want an authentic and evolving career that brings you joy.

I'm Sami

I help creative, multi-talented, and driven professionals like you, who want to design a more authentic career that makes an impact in their life, field, and community.

Just imagine…

  • Having a clear strategy that builds your passions and life goals into your career.
  • Doing a job hunt with the confidence of an amazing resume tailored to resonate with you and your ideal company.
  • Not watching tutorials, bookmarking tech blogs, or wasting hours creating application materials that you are insecure about.
  • Having support to kick up your career mindset so you can shine on your job search.
  • Getting noticed on LinkedIn and growing your network of connections and opportunities.
  • Interviewing with less stress because you already know how to answer the most common interview questions.
  • Networking strategically and having fun doing it because your mingling with likeminded people.
  • Fulfilling your career goals to improve not just your paycheck, but your life.

But you only get these kinds of results and services done for you when you start investing in your career.

Book a complimentary consult to see if I am the coach for you!

My Current Coaching Offers

Quickfire Strategy Call. A single 90 minutes of laser focus on your resume, portfolio, and personal brand. ($200)

Career Brand Accelerator is a 4 session career services package for early and mid level professionals. 8 weeks to accelerate your career. ($999) Scroll down for more information.

So, you want to design the career of your dreams...

Let me guess, you are on the edge of the career evolution to give you more job satisfaction, better culture fit, and higher pay. You know that you have all of the plans, to-do lists, and even done continued education or training. Don’t forget that you’ve watched possibly a 1,000 videos.

You know that you want to ditch the old resume, learn how to write a better cover letter, and finally make a better LinkedIn. Not to mention, you have to look up your local job market, practicing interviewing, and cultivate a resilient mindset. You may even have bought a new bullet journal to keep you on track. Then you start mindmapping, brainstorming, and freewriting your goals and action steps.

Bright-eyed is how you start then slowly it hits you how much you need to learn, research, and do to even just do one task on your list. Each bullet point on the list now has subbullets and now you have lists within lists! Suddenly, the dread hits. Where will you find the time?

But despite your shiny new notebook, intentions, or affirmations, you find yourself putting your career development on the back burner again. Then another job anniversary comes around and you wonder why you are still working there.

Want to know what’s missing?

One, you need accountability. And your second missing piece is that you aren’t dancing in your zone of genius.

When you know that you’re getting supportive accountability and laser focused advice on your specific situation, you’ll be committed to showing up for yourself.

And I can make it even easier for you by collaborating on a job search strategy, resume, and personal brand that is perfectly tailored to you!

My clients know they are at a crossroads with a vision of creating a new life. They have done personal development work or professional development. They are ambitious with a social and creative conscious. They are ready to do the work to get the work.

Introducing the Career Brand Accelerator...

A one-to-one career strategy and coaching package for the driven professional ready for career evolution.

During this program, you will not just get the goods on how to get that next job, but you’ll get coached on how to create a recession-proof career.

I’ll teach you not just how to interview well, but help clarify your professional branding, social media strategy, and ideal company culture.

And I’ll keep you jazzed and accountable in getting yourself out there to make change happen in your career!

Investment: $999 or 4 Payments of $250

How the Career Brand Accelerator Works...

Career Brand Accelerator: How it Works

Career Brand Accelerator is a 4-session career services package for early and mid level professionals. 8-12 weeks to accelerate your career.

Initial consult to see if we mesh which done via Zoom. The price is $999.

Become a client & fill out the Vision Questionnaire in our collaborate Google Doc.

90 minute sessions with action steps to rocket your career. You get audio, video, and transcripts.

After 4 sessions, you are ready to start climbing the career ladder.

Session 1: Vision

A deeper dive into what you truly want in a happy, stable, and authentic career. A more coaching heavy session, this can be the most challenging session for some people. I ask you 'why' a lot.

Session 3: Interview Prep

A session on interviewing your best, role playing questions asked by your ideal company, and getting your story straight so you can provide a clear career narrative that highlights your unique value to the company.

Session 2: Strategy

We collaborate on your strategy for reviving your personal brand, getting your resume out there, and making sure that your presentation is as consistent and aligned as possible. Your materials will be reviewed.

Session 4: Professional Development

In the final session, we outline your next steps for career success, polish your application materials, and answer any final questions that you have about careers, networking, and more.

What do my clients say...

Dozens of recommendations can be found on my LinkedIn!

Hi, I’m Sami, the Founder of Career Kickstart Academy.

My career joy comes from making an positive impact in other people’s lives. My personal desire for that positive impact is the cornerstone of Career Kickstart Academy. I really do want you to succeed. 

Career evolution is my jam.

I believe that you don’t have to have your personality removed to be a professional. I have always danced to the beat of my own drum and did my share of career pivots along the way. Former librarian here. Career change isn’t just something that I help others go through. I have done it myself.

I am currently an online career specialist with a dynamic tech boot camp in addition to traveling as a digital nomad.

I know a thing or two about a quirky lifestyle and career path…

If you are a creative, multi-talented, and high-vibe professional that draws outside the lines, then I am your career strategist. I am a career coach that can help you thrive in the new job market.

I have worked with web developers, graphic designers, UX researchers, artists, engineers, social workers, and more. They all had one thing in common- they were eager to design authentic careers and ready to work for it!

I am not your typical career coach, resume writer, or job counselor. I am not giving you last century’s advice, I am not pushing you to conform, and I think outside the box.

This package will give you the guidance, support, and a shiny application package to hit the job market running. All uniquely professional, all uniquely you!

This is what people say after working with me!

If you know that you want career change, then bring me on your team so we can make magic happen in your career.

Your ROI spent, in both this program and your time spent finding a new job, won’t just be in your paycheck. It will reveal itself in your improved lifestyle too.

A coaching and consulting package knocks both technical & mental blocks out of the way so you can get onto the job market and into a new job quicker. This package gives you that playbook to get you out the rut and into the game! 

Are you ready to evolve your career? Time is a-wasting!

Warning: I am not the coach for people who aren’t ready to put in the work to upgrade their work. I will bring all my expertise, but in the end, your results will depend on you implementing the tools and techniques.

This is also not a package for folks who aren’t able to get introspective, move forward, and get flexible.

Are you driven, creative, quirky, multi-talented, high-vibe, ready to thrive, and eager to implement and honor the hell out of your dreams?

Then this is for you.

I want to get you jazzed by your own career. 

I give you access to the know-how, support, and accountability and bundling all the tools and coaching that you need to succeed. You’ll save time, cut out the tech stress, and gain confidence\. The strategy sessions will energize you even as you leave informed, practiced, and inspired on the job hunt.

Want to fall in love with your career again?

To make sure that you get pumped, polished, and empowered for the job hunt, I limit my clients.

If you’d like to chat about how career coaching can take you to the next level, I’d be happy to hear from you!

Book a complimentary consult to see if I am the coach for you!

My Current Coaching Offers

Quickfire Strategy Call. A single session (90 minutes) laser focused on your resume, portfolio, and personal brand. ($200)

Career Brand Accelerator is a 4 session career services package for early and mid level professionals. 8 weeks to accelerate your career. ($999)

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