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Career clarity is how you get more strategic in your job hunt. In this complimentary workshop, you will learn:

  • How to tap into your ‘WHY’ to understand your next career step.
  • Career clarity techniques to tap into your intuition.
  • How to design your dream career.

Navigate the Post-Grad Career Pivot will help you understand your career goals after you realize the job that you trained for in university is not the one you want.


During this workshop you will learn:

  • How to gain career clarity .
  • How to jump-start your job hunt before you give your two weeks.
  • How to start designing your next authentic career evolution today.

How Do You Want To Evolve Your Career?

I want to find a new job!

Job Seeker

You have been in a job rut. You know it and now you’re ready to shake things up!

I want to start freelancing!

Side Hustler

You know that freelancing can build your portfolio and put more cash in your pocket!

I want to change my career!

Career Changer

You are ready to move on to a new career passion and break into a new field!

Career Kickstarter Book Club

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