Get Clear: Get Hired!

Want to know what has been missing in your past attempts to kickstart your career?


A strategic plan is the secret sauce that separates the unknown from the hired.

That is why I created: Unknown to Hired, the 5-week step-by-step course for passionate, and driven professionals looking to land their dream job.

In Unknown to Hired, you get action steps, printable worksheets, tutorial videos, and even 12 resume templates!

Worried about accountability? The emails keep you on track. You also get access to a group to find support in!

Seeking a job hunting plan? You’ll get one delivered straight to your inbox!

Not sure how you even want to evolve your career? You’ll get thoughtful worksheets and journal prompts to help you tap into your intuition and career desires!

Unknown to Hired: Kickstart Your Career includes…

  • 20 Strategic Action-Oriented & Inspirational Lessons
    • These emails guide you through the 5 weeks so you never miss a beat!
  • 7 Printable Worksheets & Job Search Templates
    • Get practical tools from an application tracker to a career clarity worksheet.
  • 12 Resume Templates
    Easy to modify and designed to pass through an application tracking system with ease!



About Sami

Sami Gardner is an experienced educator who has spent the last five years researching, teaching, and speaking on career development, branding, and LinkedIn. Every day professionals and Silicon Valley startups have utilized her diverse skills and insights into the job market, LinkedIn marketing, and professional branding.

She has trained job seekers, freelancers, and companies on how to use LinkedIn at international conferences and speaking engagements in Lisbon, Berlin, Los Angeles, and Medellin.