Hack Your Career Strategy

Ready to Hack Your Career?

You can find a 9 to 5 that is more aligned and less grind.

The search for life balance doesn’t have to end with personal development. Your career is yours to control. You just have to hack your career strategy!

The modern job market is filled with quirky companies and unconventional careers. You can find a job that you can be creative, passion, and authentic. I won’t BS you; its not effortless but you can design your career. And I will help you with your strategy, mindset, and the nitty gritty technical details of launching a job hunt in 2018.

I don’t just have years of career services experience in nonprofit and educational organizations; I am also a career changer. I used to be a librarian and I have the cardigan collection to prove it. I know what you are feeling because I felt the same way once.

Let me guess, you have been feeling:

  • frustrated and bored at work.
  • confused on what comes after getting your foot in the door.
  • like you have been taking easy jobs out of fear.
  • as if you are never going to use your degree on the job.
  • lack of direction on career path.
  • like you need to find a meaningful position (with sweet sweet health insurance) to supplement your freelance work.
  • serious career FOMO every time that friend who travels all the time shows up on your Instagram feed.

You deserve a career that Doesn’t Suck Your Soul.

Job ruts are natural (and really how much did you really learn in school about career development anyway), but they are temporary when you take action. Career FOMO is curable. I know from experience.

You can quickstart your next career move by accountability, practical tools, and mindset. You don’t need to have impostor syndrome or suffer with ‘Oh, shit, I am still working here’ feeling. Lack of promotions, increased stress, and loss of pride on the job are symptoms of stunted career development.

I’m Sami and I  help high-vibe professionals who are looking for authentic career evolution.

We collaborate in slaying impostor syndrome, creating resumes that resonate, and crafting career strategies that get you out of the job market and into the job.

Let’s be real, you want career evolution because you know that you are meant to do more.

How many times have you challenged yourself to expand your passion and purpose? But, despite some gains in mindset or health, the career part of that personal development never goes farther than poking around LinkedIn on a slow Monday. You don’t know why but career development seems like it is for people who know how to fold fitted bed sheets.

You can make your career development as empowering as your last tattoo.

Your career is more than just your job. Its what you offer to the world as a professional and what you want to explore in this wide world! You don’t have to keep winging it out there on the job market.

Ready for the next step? Let’s chat!

What is a free consult with me like?

It is 30-minute session to go over your goals, reality, options, and how you want to go forward in your career and if that step forward will be as my client. 

Be warned. 

I’m not your grandma’s career coach. Prepare to have fun plotting out your epic career journey!