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Niche Down; Blow Up

Investing thousands of dollars into your social media and branding is pointless if you aren’t on the right platform.

Ready to start finding the RIGHT leads on LinkedIin?

You have taken the online marketing courses, created the website, and even validated your products and services, but your business income is never predictable.

You’re talented, create results, and… are feeling down right invisible on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

And, you’re more than ready to find a steady stream of quality leads and convert them into clients.

Find out what happens when you start connecting to the RIGHT people on LinkedIn and sharing content tailored for them!

I share the why & how of curating niche connections while sharing case studies of other entrepreneurs on LinkedIn!

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About Sami

Sami Gardner is an experienced educator who has spent the last five years researching, teaching, and speaking on career development, branding, and LinkedIn. Every day professionals and Silicon Valley startups have utilized her diverse skills and insights into the job market, LinkedIn marketing, and professional branding.

She has trained job seekers, freelancers, and companies on how to use LinkedIn at international conferences and speaking engagements in Lisbon, Berlin, Los Angeles, and Medellin.