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Why work with linked mastery?

This is what people say about working with Sami on mastering LinkedIn.

I understand how to make LinkedIn works and how to make it work for me!

Thank you!

I am so excited to start making LinkedIn work for my business!
Leah Borski
Wellness Coach
Not only did Sami update my profile, she also did a consultation with me that ironed out my Linkedin strategy.
I am beyond pleased with her service and the value that I've received from it!
Derek Alvarez
International Artist
Sami gave me tips and action steps to take to completely revamp my LinkedIn profile.

I am excited to start building my funnel and get some great leads!
Lacie Morris
Real Estate Investor

New clients are waiting for you on LinkedIn!

Real talk,

You can only market your information products or services if you’re visible.

And, I bet right now you are feeling INVISIBLE on Facebook.

Your discovery call calendar is empty, your group is a ghost town, and your ideal client can’t hear you in the noise on Facebook.

Your daily posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter get buried in the feed.

Your funnel is drying up after this latest Facebook update.

Know why?

It’s because you aren’t on the right social network!

Imagine a platform where organic reach is fantastic, where people are already attuned to business opportunities, and where your niche isn’t saturated.

That platform is LinkedIn.

And you are already there!

You’re just not using the platform right.

Instead of making money on LinkedIn, you’re just checking up on ex-coworkers!

Not only do you already have an account, you already have content that you can repurpose.

You already know that LinkedIn is the social media network for decision makers, gatekeepers, and business action takers!

But you’re stalling on taking the leap.

✔Maybe you’re freaking out about the tech.
✔Maybe you’re not sure where you will find the time.
✔Maybe you’re worried about being so visible.

LinkedIn Profile Mastery

Optimized LinkedIn Profile Written For You and Your Business!
$ 599 One-Time or Split Payment
  • 1:1 LinkedIn Strategy Consult
  • Optimized LinkedIn Profile
  • Quickstart LinkedIn Sales Guide

And yet, despite it all, you want to help the people who need the solutions that YOUR business can solve!

Sure, you could wait around for your ideal customers to find you on Facebook, maybe spend a lot of money on ads boosting your posts and then hope they will see it in their feed and click into your funnel.

Or you could show up on LinkedIn, find those people who are ready for your product or service, and make yourself impossible to ignore as a thought leader.

And I can give you the confidence of the brilliant profile and the know-how to create your following on LinkedIn!

why LinkedIn for online entrepreneurs?

Awesome Reach

LinkedIn's algorithm promotes content creators instead of publishes them like on Facebook or Instagram.

Active Userbase

LinkedIn has more active users than Twitter!
Over 130 million Americans have a LinkedIn account.
70% of LinkedIn users are outside U.S too.

Curate Your Leads

LinkedIn was built to curate leads, warm them with content, and get them lining up to get into your funnel.

Find Opportunities

From speaking engagements to venture funding, you can find endless business opportunities on LinkedIn.

I inspire artistic, techie, and socially conscious types to craft businesses on their own terms.

Sami Gardner, here.

I am a LinkedIn Specialist, former Librarian, and current World Traveler.

I believe that you can be uniquely professional and still be uniquely you!

Confession: I have been a LinkedIn junkie since I started career coaching years ago because I made it work for my clients. Then I made it work for my business.

What have been my results? I have gotten speaking opportunities, grown my visibility, and connected to clients through growing my network and posting valuable content. 

If you are worried that you have to get a personality transplant to make it on LinkedIn, take it from me, you can be yourself on LinkedIn! 

How do I know? I am not the stereotypical LinkedIn user either. 

I have taught both job seekers and entrepreneurs how to get noticed by the right people on LinkedIn and I can teach you too!

My LinkedIn Writing services are for you if…

You are sick of throwing money into the Facebook Ad black hole!

  • You are a coach, designer, virtual assistant, or consultant.
  • Your ideal clients are CEOs, professional women, business owners, startups, etc.
  • You’re looking grow your list, increase your visibility, and connect with potential customers and clients.

It’s intervention time for coaches, virtual assistants, and brand consultants trapped in the Facebook and Instagram box.

Escape the noise, pay-for-play, and dwindling audience.

LinkedIn has more active users than Twitter and you can curate your connections so you pick your content’s audience!

And they will actually see your posts.

You can dominate your niche on LinkedIn with your existing content, products, and services.

Let’s do it together!

Ready for the next step? Let’s chat!

What is a free consult with me like?

It is 20-minute session to go over your goals, reality, options, and how you want to go forward in your LinkedIn strategy and if that step forward will be as my client!

Linked Mastery is apart of the