Get Visible. Land Clients. Make Money.

Investing thousands of dollars into your social media and branding is pointless if you aren’t on the right platform.

You have taken the online marketing courses, created the website, and even validated your products and services, but your business income is never predictable.

You’re talented, create results, and… are feeling down right invisible on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

And, you’re more than ready to find a steady stream of quality leads and convert them into clients.

After working with online entrepreneurs, I feel like I already know you pretty well:

  • Waking up and doing a mindfulness ritual or self-care routine (or attempt too)
  • Checking instagram in bed while you try to wake up.
  • Working hard every day posting on Twitter, filming live streams on Facebook, but getting more and more detached to it.
  • Daydreaming on your lunch break about that 7k month that you once had
  • Pin a new social marketing how-to or blog entry to a business Pinterest board.
  • Spend another afternoon feeling like you are posting into a void.
  • Listen to another value-bomb podcast that makes you wistful because you have so many passions, talents, and dreams, but are overwhelmed on how best to market yourself.
  • Making dinner in a rush because you have so many errands, family duties, social engagements, etc. that you have caught up on.
  • Restlessly scribble an affirmation or two and free write about how you know that you are coming to a crossroads with business.
  • Fall asleep to awaken to do it all over again.

Does that sound like you? Then take a seat because you’re in the right place!

This is the story of so many online business owners who don’t realize that they putting all their energy into the wrong social media marketing and sales!

You can only market your information products or services if you’re visible.

And, I bet right now you are feeling INVISIBLE on Facebook.

Your daily posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter get buried in the feed.

Your funnel is drying up after this latest Facebook update.

Know why?

Because being active on social media doesn’t equal success if you aren’t on the right social network!

Spoiler alert: You are already on one of the best platforms for business and sales out there!

You’re just not using the platform right.

Instead of making money on LinkedIn, you’re just checking up on ex-coworkers!

Not only do you already have an account, you already have content that you can repurpose.

How do I know?

LinkedIn Profile Mastery

Optimized LinkedIn Profile Written For You and Your Business!
$ 1999 Payment Plans
  • 1:1 LinkedIn Strategy Consult
  • Optimized LinkedIn Profile
  • Business Page Creation
  • Customized LinkedIn Strategy Playbook
  • Access to LinkedIn Mastery for Solopreneurs
  • 200 Curated New Connections
  • Content Strategy
  • LinkedIn Funnel Creation

Hi, I’m Sami Gardner and I work with entrepreneurs like you, who want to supercharge their lead generation, get noticed in their industry, and land more clients!

Let’s keep it real here – you and I both know that your current social media plan isn’t serving your lifestyle or even doing your business any favors.

You’ve probably looked up LinkedIn marketing because you know it’s the best place for B2B marketing, thought leadership, and finding new speaking and business opportunities.

But despite your earnest and eager entrepreneur intentions, you never took action.

Want to know what is missing?

You need accountability, support, and an experienced guide to the power of LinkedIn.

And your second missing piece is that you aren’t dancing in your zone of genius.

Just imagine…

  • Having a clear strategy that builds your tribe on LinkedIn.
  • Connecting with future clients with the confidence that comes from an optimized LinkedIn profile.
  • Not watching tutorials, bookmarking tech blogs, or wasting hours creating a LinkedIn funnel that you are insecure about.
  • Having support to kick up your LinkedIn presence so you can shine.
    Getting noticed on LinkedIn and growing your network of connections and opportunities.
  • Booking discovery calls with less stress because you are connected with warm leads.
  • Networking strategically and having fun doing it because your mingling with likeminded people.
  • Fulfilling your business goals to improve not just your income, but your life.

But you only get these kinds of results and services done for you when you start investing in your LinkedIn strategy and profile.

why LinkedIn for online entrepreneurs?

Awesome Reach

LinkedIn's algorithm promotes content creators instead of publishes them like on Facebook or Instagram.

Active Userbase

LinkedIn has more active users than Twitter!
Over 130 million Americans have a LinkedIn account.
70% of LinkedIn users are outside U.S too.

Curate Your Leads

LinkedIn was built to curate leads, warm them with content, and get them lining up to get into your funnel.

Find Opportunities

From speaking engagements to venture funding, you can find endless business opportunities on LinkedIn.

Introducing LinkedIn Mastery Mentorship:

A one-to-one LinkedIn package including done-for-you services for the driven entrepreneur ready for LinkedIn success.


During this three-week, one-to-one mentorship,  get visible, land clients, and make money!

I’ll teach you how to build a sustainable, scalable, and fun LinkedIn funnel that will drive new clients to you.

And I’ll craft your profile, LinkedIn strategy playbook, graphics, and find your first 100+ quality leads.

Here’s what’s included in your 3-week mentorship:

  • A 60-minute breakthrough session to discuss your LinkedIn and business goals. By examining your goals, products, content, and how you schedule your time, we’ll collaborate on your strategy to dominate your niche on LinkedIn.
  • A detailed LinkedIn “Playbook” filled out with suggested groups, ideal connection targets, connection message sequences, and more.
  • 100+ new qualified connections added to your profile.
  • Weekly action emails with tips on how to repurpose your content, utilizing groups, and more.
  • Free enrollment into the LinkedIn Mastery for Solopreneurs course.
  • Access to the LinkedIn Mastery for Solopreneurs Facebook group for further support.
  • A 60-minute closing session to answer any questions, review your playbook, and get you ready to crush it on LinkedIn.

Why work with linked mastery?

This is what people say about working with Sami on mastering LinkedIn.

I understand how to make LinkedIn works and how to make it work for me!

Thank you!

I am so excited to start making LinkedIn work for my business!
Leah Borski
Wellness Coach
Not only did Sami update my profile, she also did a consultation with me that ironed out my Linkedin strategy.
I am beyond pleased with her service and the value that I've received from it!
Derek Alvarez
International Artist
Sami gave me tips and action steps to take to completely revamp my LinkedIn profile.

I am excited to start building my funnel and get some great leads!
Lacie Morris
Real Estate Investor

New clients are waiting for you on LinkedIn!

Ready for the next step? Let’s chat!

By the end of LinkedIn Mastery Mentorship you will…

  • Have learned a practical actionable step-by-step strategy that you can implement to launch your LinkedIn funnel.

  • Feel uber confident on navigating all technical stuff that had you feeling stressed and wary.

  • Have curated an awesome list of all your best content that will attract your ideal client.

  • Know exactly how to curate the best connections for your LinkedIn goal– even if you’re a complete unknown.

  • Understand the LinkedIn culture and how to promote yourself without looking smarmy and alienating your connections.

  • Know when to post to maximize the number of people who see your content.

  • Feel knowledgeable on if a LinkedIn group is right for your business

  • Learn proven tactics for marketing and selling your offerings via LinkedIn through coaching, LinkedIn Mastery for Solopreneurs course, and the Quickstart Your LinkedIn Sales guide.

  • Have a optimized profile to create engagement, excitement and eager anticipation in your ideal client.

You already know that LinkedIn is the social media network for decision makers, gatekeepers, and business action takers!

But you’re stalling on taking the leap.

  • Maybe you’re freaking out about the tech.
  • Maybe you’re not sure where you will find the time.
  • Maybe you’re worried about being so visible.
  • Maybe you’re exhausted at the idea of getting you head around yet another social media platform.

And yet, despite it all, you want to help the people who need the solutions that YOUR business can solve!

Sure, you could wait around for your ideal customers to find you on Facebook, maybe spend a lot of money on ads boosting your posts and then hope they will see it in their feed and click into your funnel.

Or you could show up on LinkedIn, find those people who are ready for your product or service, and make yourself impossible to ignore as a thought leader.

And I can give you the confidence of the brilliant profile and the know-how to create your following on LinkedIn!

I inspire artistic, techie, and socially conscious types to craft businesses on their own terms.

Sami Gardner, here.

I am a LinkedIn Specialist, former Librarian, and current World Traveler.

I believe that you can be uniquely professional and still be uniquely you!

Confession: I have been a LinkedIn junkie since I started career coaching years ago because I made it work for my clients. Then I made it work for my business.

What have been my results? I have gotten speaking opportunities, grown my visibility, and connected to clients through growing my network and posting valuable content. 

If you are worried that you have to get a personality transplant to make it on LinkedIn, take it from me, you can be yourself on LinkedIn! 

How do I know? I am not the stereotypical LinkedIn user either. 

I have taught both job seekers and entrepreneurs how to get noticed by the right people on LinkedIn and I can teach you too!

LinkedIn Mastery Mentorship is an 3-week online mentorship with done-for-you services for entrepreneurs who want to monetize their profile, land clients, and make money on LinkedIn.

I will mentor you in everything that I’ve learnt from my years working as a career coach and LinkedIn specialist with hundreds of clients from freelance iOS Developers to college Librarians to growing startups!

This program is more intensive and hands-on than any other LinkedIn marketing program on the market. I make sure that not only do you get a polished LinkedIn funnel, you also know how to scale it on your own!

Here’s the recap of what’s included in your 3-week mentorship:

  • 2 hour long sessions to discuss your LinkedIn and get you ready to crush it on LinkedIn.
  • A detailed LinkedIn “Playbook” that will keep you growing your funnel.
  • 100+ new qualified connections added to your profile.
  • Weekly action emails.
  • Free enrollment into the LinkedIn Mastery for Solopreneurs course and access to a Facebook group for further support.

You can dominate your niche on LinkedIn with your existing content, products, and services.


I’ve designed this mentorship so you can get access to all the coaching, training, and support you need without having to make any other high-ticket LinkedIn training or coaching investments.

The investment for the LinkedIn Mastery Mentorship is $1,999.

It’s intervention time for coaches, virtual assistants, and brand consultants trapped in the Facebook and Instagram box.

Escape the noise, pay-for-play, and dwindling audience.

LinkedIn has more active users than Twitter and you can curate your connections so you pick your content’s audience!

And they will actually see your posts.

LinkedIn Mastery for Mentorship is for you if…

  • You are sick of throwing money into the Facebook Ad black hole!
  • You are a coach, designer, virtual assistant, or consultant.
  • Your ideal clients are CEOs, professional women, business owners, startups, etc.
  • You’re looking grow your list, increase your visibility, and connect with potential customers and clients.

You can dominate your niche on LinkedIn with your existing content, products, and services.

Let’s do it together!

Ready to make an impact and find your tribe on LinkedIn?

Fill out this short application to begin.

The investment for the LinkedIn Mastery Mentorship is $1,999. $1,500 when paid in full.

Ready for the next step? Let’s chat!

What is a free consult with me like?

It is 20-minute session to go over your goals, reality, options, and how you want to go forward in your LinkedIn strategy and if that step forward will be as my client!

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below:

Q.Is LinkedIn right for me and my business?

Marketing strategists, virtual assistants, graphic designers, copywriters, web developers, speech writers, non-fiction authors, and so many other kinds of solopreneurs can build their brand, garner opportunities, and land clients on LinkedIn.

If you’re a Facebook-based online business owner and you want to learn how to stand out on LinkedIn, captivate your connections, and monetize your profile, you’re right for LinkedIn Mastery Mentorship.

Q. Can you give me an idea of how many hours per day realistically it will take me to effectively implement what I learn in the program?

This is a comprehensive beginner to intermediate mentorship. You can expect to spend at least 3 hours watching the videos in the LinkedIn Mastery for Solopreneurs course and implementing tactics. If you already know your brand well and have content, you will take less time to implement. You can anticipate spending at least 1-2 hours a week on posting content, replying to messages, and making new connections. I provide guidance on how to streamline your content creation process.

Q. Do you have to have a online business before you sign up?

To get results from this program, I would recommend that you need to have a validated and working idea for the business that you intend to launch before signing up.

The mentorship is created for Solopreneurs who have started their business, created content, and already have at least one product. They will get the most from this program.

Q. I have a solid business idea but I’m still trying to figure out who my ideal client is. Will LinkedIn Mastery Mentorship help me with that?

Yep, absolutely! We go over ideal connections/clients and how you can learn more about them through searching on LinkedIn.

However, this coaching package is best suited for entrepreneurs who already have a product/service and have been producing social media content for at least 3-6 months.

Q. I don’t have a B2B business – is LinkedIn Mastery Mentorship still a good fit for me?

There are plenty of reasons for B2C Solopreneurs to be on LinkedIn. Some examples include:

Pitching brands for sponsorship.
Reaching out to bookshop owners for book tour.
Seeking out speaking opportunities.

If you’re looking for a way to get in front of more potential clients and customers, and serve more people, LinkedIn Mastery Mentorship will help you!

Q. How quickly will I start seeing a return on my investment?

Since your efforts are what truly get your results, I can’t provide a definite answer to this question.

I can tell you that if you implement all of the LinkedIn tactics and knowledge in the mentorship that you will expand your reach, add to your list, and get noticed by the right people on LinkedIn!

How can I be so sure about this mentorship? Because I have included everything you need to know about standing out, shining bright, and attracting your tribe on LinkedIn.

Fill out this short application to begin working together and get a complimentary 20 minute consult!

I look forward to helping your business explode on LinkedIn!

Ready for the next step? Let’s chat!

What is a free consult with me like?

It is 20-minute session to go over your goals, reality, options, and how you want to go forward in your LinkedIn strategy and if that step forward will be as my client!

Linked Mastery is apart of the