Ready to make the BEST first impression? I can write your resume!

Are you sending out your resume and hearing nothing back?

You’re ready to rock your career and level up to your dream job. You know that you have the skills, talent, and personality to make a different not just in your dream company, but in your community and industry. There is only one thing that seems to be holding you back– you aren’t getting called for interview!

You want a job that lets you be creative, authentic, and satisfied in your workplace. Its not a matter of talent. Your resume is how you get an interview. Are you making the right first impression?

You don’t have to suffer through cruddy pay, company culture, and commute. It takes searching for the right job leads and making sure that your resume resonates with your ideal company. That’s right- you can be happy on the job, happy with the schedule, and happy with your pay!

I have worked with artists, techies, and even more types of professionals forging new career paths at colleges, tech bootcamps, and nonprofits.

I know what it is like out on the job hunt when you are changing careers. It stinks and I can help with a winning resume!

Are you…

  • Ready to shake up your career?
  • Strapped for time between the 40+ hour grind, taking care of your responsibilities, and trying to cram in a social life in the spaces in between?
  • Sick of being asked when you will be using your degree?
  • Adding massive value for your current company yet taking home a small salary?
  • Hungry to use your fab skills, grow as a professional, and make a splash in your industry?

Don’t worry, I got you covered. After years of writing resumes and mentoring professionals just like you, I know how to translate talents, goals, and values into resumes that resonate!

Your resume is what gets you interviews. Even if you get a personal referral!

Don’t beat yourself up over your resume, no one is taught in school how to write one that doesn’t suck. Hell, no one is taught how to even think about what their specific goals, desired company culture, or work values really are and how to convey them. And a great resume packs all of that into a concise and nuanced package!

Don’t keep waiting to change your career. You spend 40+ hours at work and how many hours RECOVERING from work?

That is no way to live. Let’s collaborate on upleveling your resume so you can get into a better job quicker and easier!

I am a career strategist who helps creative, multi-talented, and high-vibe professionals design authentic careers. My clients land their target jobs, internships, and contracts because we collaborate, strategize, and get aligned with what they want and how to get it in the job market.

Don’t be overwhelmed with the thought of career evolution!

Don’t keep putting it off because you hate wrestling with your word processor!

Don’t send out that old resume that you made back in college!

A resume creation consultation with me not only results in you having a fantastic resume, but it also helps you get clear on what you want with your resume. That is a big thing that too many people forget. You aren’t just writing a dry list of your duties, you are writing to attract and resonate.


Imagine life after you apply and get into that dream job. Can you imagine:

  • Bucket loads of workplace satisfaction
  • Upleveling your lifestyle for you and the fam.
  • Creating a bigger impact in not just your industry, but in your community.
  • But first things first, to get that job, you have to make the right first impression!

Which professionals do best with my resumes?

  1. Creative, multi-talented, ready to rock in their careers.
  2. Career changers or those embarking on a job hunt soon.
  3. Those eager to design an authentic, satisfying, and outside the box career.


Investment: $650


I am not your typical job counselor. I don’t believe that you need to remove your personality to be a professional. I have worked with artists, freelancers, tech professionals, social workers, healers, creatives, and professionals authentically evolving their career.

My clients know they are at a crossroads with a vision of creating a new life. They have done personal development work or professional development. They are ambitious with a social and creative conscious. They are ready to do the work to get the work.

What my clients aren’t actually ready for is… coloring inside the lines and being untrue to themselves.

That is where I come in!

Pink hair streaks, nose ring, and all.

I create resumes that work now. This is not your granddaddy’s job market. I can help you thrive in the new economy.

How do I know this? Not only have I helped clients now working for companies like Paypal and Mirasol, I have done it myself. I have designed a career where I can work with an amazing startup and help private clients 1:1 while being 100% location free.

That is my dream career design. What’s yours?

Invest $650 in the Resumes that Resonate package and let’s get started in upleveling your career!

This package is for the professionals who want to rock their career goals now! This is not for the folks who aren’t willing to hustle, find the job leads, and send out the resumes to get the results.

This a resume and not a magic spell. You will only get your ROI with your own efforts.

It is possible to change your life, upgrade your lifestyle, and be happy on the job. It starts with a new resume.

Are you ready to evolve your career, make better money, and get your dream job? Then say yes to a resume that resonates.