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So, you want to design the career of your dreams...

If you want to run, not walk, toward your goal of a better career then you need to step your game up with clarity, accountability, practical tools, and the right mindset. I believe that if you can be uniquely professional and uniquely you. There isn’t a secret to designing a career you love, but there is strategy involved.

Why do you want to be mentored by me?

As a career specialist with dynamic practical experience in tech boot camps, colleges, and nonprofits; I help professionals like you:

  • Develop a personal brand that attracts opportunities for you whether or you want to be an employee or self-employed.

  • Craft authentic career strategies that work with your personality and not against it.

  • Write resumes that resonate with employers and land interviews.

  • Boost your interview confidence so you can win over that hiring panel.

Most career coaches focus on discovering your passion. I go a step farther by taking your dream and turning it into a plan with actionable tactics to build your industry profile, develop your network, and create a recession-proof career.

Kickstart your career and work with me!

Get jazzed about your own career. 

I give you access to the know-how, support, and accountability and bundling all the tools and coaching that you need to succeed. You’ll save time, cut out the tech stress, and gain confidence\. The strategy sessions will energize you even as you leave informed, practiced, and inspired on the job hunt.

Want to fall in love with your career again?

To make sure that you get pumped, polished, and empowered for the job hunt, I limit my clients.

If you’d like to chat about how career coaching can take you to the next level, I’d be happy to hear from you!