Hi, I'm Sami and let me guess, you want more from your career...

You’re at a career website, after all. This is the right place to find out how to design a recession proof career. You can read more about me as a coach on the Work with Sami page so we’ll skip it here.  Most of my website visitors want one of three things:

  1. A resume that gets job interviews.
  2. Clarity around their career direction to be happier & better compensated. 
  3. Tactics to land a new job quickly, especially in tech or creative fields (UX Design, Marketing, Fashion, etc). 

I’ve curated my most relevant resources for resumes, job search tactics, and refining your goals so you can kick start your career and your salary. 

1. Resumes

Resumes are your first impression with a company.

On the Career Kickstart podcast, I dish on the resume standards and tricks that impress a recruiter. Your resume is often your first impression with a company. In this episode, I share actionable tips so listen while you edit your own document.

Warning: resumes are subjective.

You can get 10 career specialists, HR people, and recruiters together and you can get 10 different opinions on one resume. People get hired with hard to read, clunkily written, and obtuse resumes all the time. Maybe they had a connection in the company, maybe they got along well with the recruiter, maybe they sacrificed a goat to the god of fortune under a full moon… It happens. 

So how do you stand out if you are just another brick in the wall… *ahem* resume in the applicant tracking system?

Check out my LinkedIn article where I share three tips to improve your resume’s chances.


Need a resume writer?

Streamline your career development with a resume that is perfectly suited to your career goals. The design of your resume matters less than the copywriting. Hire a resume writer to ensure that each word on the resume attracts your ideal employer. 

Want to DIY your resume?

Check out the resume shop!

Save time in your job hunt by using a template.

You’ll get way more than a resume! Each one includes a template, an audio on resume writing, tips for modifying the document, and more career resources.

These digital downloads are sold via the trusted marketplace, Gumroad.

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2. Career Clarity

Career Clarity is simply knowing what you want from your working life and going after it. 

Do you feel like your current job is a poor fit? What about the rest of them? If you’re disatisfied with your career, before you send out the first resume, take out a notepad. Writing out your dreams, goals, passions, and frustrations can highlight what you need for a satisfying career (along with the deal breakers). 

Start with these questions to brainstorm:

  • What kind of transformations are you craving in your work and life right now?
  • Imagine it’s one year from today and you’ve successfully and radically transformed your life in all the ways you’re wanting. What’s different, how do you feel, and who have you become through this process?
  • What do you feel like are your biggest struggles or challenges in achieving this transformation?

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3. Job Search Tactics

The basic formula is portfolio + networking + visibility = a successful job hunt in a creative or technical career.

There are three simple answers why:

  1. College degrees and certificates are common place. A portfolio shows your skill.
  2. People get jobs easiest through other people.
  3. A good reputation brings opportunities to you. 

LinkedIn is an essential tool for each of those aims especially if you want to save time. Check out my Youtube video series on leveraging LinkedIn.

Authentic career development requires finding out what you truly want and going for it.

Sounds simple. It’s not.

As anyone who has even made a vision board can tell you, its hard to know what we want. Especially if we are just winging it alone in our careers. Designing your career may require some elbow grease, but it is totally possible with the right tools, mindset, and strategy.

Take the leap into a new field and kickstart the next chapter in your career! 

Career change change happen at any time whether you are a year into a profession or twenty. Let yourself evolve. Your career will be better off for it.