The ULTIMATE Guide to Kickstarting Your Career!

If you spend 40 hours a week in a job you hate, no amount of mindset, self-love, and productivity will create balance, flow, & joy.

Your career doesn’t need to be left up to fate. You don’t need to feel like an impostor or suffer from career FOMO. Lack of promotions, increased stress, and loss of pride on the job are just signs that you need a career evolution. The good news is that the job market can be like a Choose Your Own Adventure book!

You can design your career. And if you want to run, not walk, toward your goal of a new job then you need to step your game up with accountability, practical tools, and mindset.

Kick start your next career evolution with this free bundle!

Ready To Get Kickstarted?

You can find a 9 to 5 that is more aligned and less grind. The search for life balance doesn’t have to end with personal development. Your career is yours to control. I won’t BS you; it’s not effortless but you can design your career. 

And you don’t need to do it alone.


Start a New Chapter. Here’s How…

Get Clear

You need to know what you want to actually get it. Gain clarity with my Get Clear; Get Hired: Micro Course and short ebook with 100 career journaling prompts!

Stay Motivated

Motivation can last the long haul if you keep organized, know your goals, and bust your mindset blocks! You’ll get my Career Clarity Planner and Blocks Busted Worksheet from my course, Authentic Career Clarity Roadmap. 

Be Strategic

Today’s job market requires more strategy than ever. Professional branding an essential part of that strategy. The Ultimate Guide to Kick Starting Your Career gives you on the dirt on switching careers only a few years after you graduate, a LinkedIn summary formula, remote job board list, and 5 Day Elevator Pitch Email Course.

The FREE Ultimate Guide to Kick Starting Your Career contains:

  • Get Clear; Get Hired: the Micro Course
  • Career Kickstart: 100 career journaling prompts ebook
  • Career Clarity Planner
  • Blocks Busted Worksheet
  • Navigating the Post-Grad Pivot Workshop
  • Remote Job Board List
  • LinkedIn Summary Formula
  • 5 Day Elevator Pitch Email Course

About Sami

Sami Gardner is an experienced educator who has spent the last five years researching, teaching, and speaking on career development, branding, and LinkedIn. Every day professionals and Silicon Valley startups have utilized her diverse skills and insights into the job market, LinkedIn marketing, and professional branding.

She has trained job seekers, freelancers, and companies on how to use LinkedIn at international conferences and speaking engagements in Lisbon, Berlin, Los Angeles, and Medellin.