Design A Career You

Your career isn’t left up to fate at Career Kickstart Academy. You don’t need to feel like an impostor or suffer from career FOMO. We can teach you the tips, tricks, and high level strategies to design your career. 

If you want to run, not walk, toward your goal of a new job then let us show you how! 

We offer courses, templates, 1:1 coaching, and even host a podcast that is all about kickstarting your career. We can support you at any stage of your career evolution!

Confused on the Next Step? Get Instant Access to Get Clear; Get Hired Workshop!

Are You A Career Kickstarter?

Career Kickstarter (noun informal):

A person who is ready to level up their career to be creatively fulfilled, better paid, and making a positive impact!

They are authentic, creative, and seeking freedom to build a life they love. Whether starting out or on career pivot #11, a Career Kickstarter is curious, lifelong learner, and multi-talented. They got moxie.

Career Kickstarters are forging careers on their terms! 

How Do You Want To Evolve Your Career?

I want to find a new job!

Job Seeker

You have been in a job rut. You know it and now you’re ready to shake things up!

Job Seeker Resources

I want to start freelancing!

Side Hustler

You know that freelancing can build your portfolio and put more cash in your pocket!

Side Hustler Resources

I want to change my career!

Career Changer

You are ready to move on to a new career passion and break into a new field!

Career Changer Resources

1:1 Consulting & Services

Start your career evolution with a jolt! Get a Career Strategy session with Sami Gardner. 

Want to speed up your job hunt process? We also have limited openings for resume writing and LinkedIn profile creation.

Get Coached

Self-Study Courses

We know about your hectic schedule. We also know that you are ready for change now and are ready to work for it!

That is why we have self-study courses so you can evolve your career on the go!

Courses to Level Up Your Skills

A library of templates

In addition to our online courses, we also offer done-for-you templates from resumes to thank you emails.

Just plug in your brilliance and save time evolving your career!

Templates to Save Time

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