Want more passion, work experience, and some extra cash in your pocket?

Get a side hustle!

Yes, a side hustle can help your career! Whether a passion project or practicing the skills from your day job, a side hustle adds dimension to your career.

A side hustle is a groovy term for a gig or small business that you do on the weekends or outside of your regular job. Some people do a side hustle to explore their passions like writing novels and self publishing them. Some people choose something that is strictly business like selling on eBay. Others have multiple side gigs to increase their revenue streams.

I myself have two revenue streams- my day job as a career specialist and my private practice as a career strategist to both individuals and companies. I make a third of my income online now.

I do it because:

  • I love what I do.
  • I add to my network.
  • It keeps me feeling creative in my career

The money is pretty awesome too especially when my student loan payment comes due!

There is one other important benefit to side hustles- portfolio building!

Watch my video to know my #1 reason to have a side hustle as a professional! Leave me a comment on if you agree or if you are like ‘Um, excuse me, lady, I gotta fact check…”

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