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If you spend 40+ hours a week in a job you hate, no amount of mindset, self-love, and productivity will create balance, flow, & joy.

Your career doesn’t need to be left up to fate. You don’t need to feel like an impostor or suffer from career FOMO. Lack of promotions, increased stress, and loss of pride on the job are just signs that you need a career evolution. The good news is that the job market can be like a Choose Your Own Adventure book!

You can design your career. And if you want to run, not walk, toward your goal of a new job then you need to step your game up with accountability, practical tools, and mindset.

Meet Your Career Specialist

Hi, I'm Sami

After 8+ years of experience as a career specialist in tech boot camps, colleges, and nonprofits; I have helped hundreds of professionals just like you thrive in the job market!

Most career coaches focus on discovering your passion. I go a step farther by taking your dream and turning it into an actionable plan to build your industry profile, develop your network, and design a recession-proof career.  

When I talk about designing a career that is uniquely you, its because I did it for myself.

I graduated into a decimated job market in a field that everyone said was dead and in a city that never really recovered from the 2008 recession. So when I tell you I know what its like to have a degree and no prospects, I mean it. Flash forward a decade and I have created a career that supports a life I love. My adventures have included living and traveling to a dozen countries, writing a novel, finding love, and going on side quests when I want.

I designed my career and I can help you too.

Work with me to discover tips you wish your guidance counselor had told you!

What my clients have said

I successfully switched my career from project management to UX design within 3 months, and I wouldn't make it without her!

Samantha is a true professional... She will effortlessly personalize her program to meet your specific needs. In the challenging job search process, she is the type of coach who will educate, motivate and keep you accountable to ensure you will reach your goals.

She is so creative and intuitive. You will tell her what you're working on, she will come back with the most tangible and effective solutions

"Sami is nothing short of a miracle worker. Her advice is tailored, practical, and grounded in real-world, in-depth knowledge of the UX landscape. What Sami offers is really a career roadmap, full of actionable options that feel bite-sized and achievable. My session with Sami helped me clarify my position in the market, as well as identify concrete next steps that I feel very confident will yield the results I'm after. In addition to Sami's excellent guidance, she's also a riot. I left my session feeling poised to make meaningful changes, uplifted about my possibilities, and a little sore from laughing in the process. What more could you ask for from a coach?"

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