Journaling is the new Coconut Oil.

Journaling is recommended for dieters, career changers, self-love routines, and more. But who can keep it up for long?

I always had problems keeping a journal. I thought journals where about just logging what you did all day and miscellaneous feelings. I would get bored of writing in it everyday. I would end up with a bunch of half filled journals that I only wrote in when I was in a mood.

That all changed once I realized that this is my journal and it can be a book of mirrors into my thoughts, dreams, and passions. I also made it fun, flexible, and doodled a lot! Whether you are exploring the shadows of your brain or just jogging down your to do lists, writing down your goals, tasks, impressions, and notes can increase you productivity.

I am currently obsessed with bullet journaling so a dot grid notebook and gel pens are required. There affiliate links on this page because I want to get a kickback from Amazon for getting you addicted to bullet journaling. Mostly so I can get more money for bullet journaling supplies.

Like Washi Tape!

Do you need anything more than any old notebook and pen to journal? Nope. You can keep it simple or you can go big like your bullet journalers on instagram!

Even if you don’t want to make your own journaling and planning layouts like bullet journalers, you can still have a creative journaling experience. There are plenty of books to guide you.


What’s my woo secret to consistent journaling?

  • Drawing an oracle or tarot card a day and using it as a journal prompt. Let’s say, I draw the card, The High Priestess, I will sketch out what springs to mind when I saw the card, did it make me thing of any personal current events, and what wisdom can I gain from this card.
  • Note: I don’t use Tarot cards for fortune telling. I use them for self-reflection.

What decks do I use?

I don’t have a lot of decks. I have the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards and The Wild Unknown Tarot. You can get a book to know the official meanings or you can just do what I do and just google the card name.

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