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Historically, women do not get the mentorship that men receive in the “Old Boys’ Network.” This special episode series of the Career Kickstart Show, “Secrets from the Old Girls’ Network,” is there to try and fill that gap and amplify the voices of women leaders.

In this episode of Secrets from the Old Girls Network, I turn the mic over to Anna and Jenny from Diverse Communities who provide diversity and inclusion services to companies and organizations.

This episode is targeted to the managers, business owners, and team leaders especially. Anna and Jenny, due to their personal and professional backgrounds, specialize in Latina, Refugee, and Immigrant populations. However, there are insights for leaders wanting to empower other historically marginalized people.

There have been a few heavy hitters in the personal development scene who have found themselves knee deep in scandal recently. Tony Robbins ran afoul of the #metoo movement and now, Danielle LaPorte is under fire for both her marketing materials and her response to criticism from woman of color. Diversity specialists help companies and organization navigate those issues.

Its not just CEO or celebrities who could use help with diversity. All employees can contribute to a positive or negative environment for coworkers and customers. And, diversity doesn’t end at gender which is an important point for white women in leadership. An empowering workspace is an inclusive one.

With that being said, I am happy to pass the mic to Jenny and Anna!

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