Career Clarity:
Know What You Want to Get What You Want

During this pre-recorded workshop, you will learn...

  • What a clear goal helps you land a job quicker.
  • How planning will save you time, energy, and sanity on the job hunt.
  • Specific exercises and guided journaling prompts so you can clearly visualize your dream career. 
Too many job seekers and career changers fail to do this brainstorming. This leads to a long job hunt, multiple resume revisions, and lots of frustration. Watch this webinar with a notebook or download a worksheet below. 


Download a career planning worksheet!

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Sami Gardner, here. I am a Career Stagnation Stopper, former Librarian, and current World Traveler. I inspire artistic, techie, and socially conscious types to craft their career on their own terms.

I believe that you can be uniquely professional and still be uniquely you!

After career services experience in universities, tech bootcamps, and no-profits, I have worked with professionals from all walks of life. I help my clients evolve their careers through resume writing, LinkedIn strategy, and career coaching. 

My speciality is with multi-passionate professionals that are looking to make a splash in their career.

I am the founder of Career Kickstart Academy and the host of the Career Kickstart Podcast.

Have more questions about your LinkedIn I have ‘pick my brain’ sessions! We can go over your profile and strategy.

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