You can build an online business.

Authentic career evolution is more finding a job. Its about finding work you love and going for it. Sometimes that means starting your own business as freelancer or entrepreneur.

Sounds simple. Its not.

As anyone who has even made a vision board can tell you, its hard to know what we want. Especially if we are just winging it alone in our. Designing your career evolution may require some elbow grease, but it is totally possible with the right tools, mindset, and strategy.

Take the leap into a new business and kickstart the next chapter in your career! 

Career change change happen at any time whether you are a year into a profession or twenty. Let yourself evolve. Your life will be better off for it.

To help you on your business journey, here is a curated list of resources. 

why LinkedIn for online entrepreneurs?

Awesome Reach

LinkedIn's algorithm promotes content creators instead of publishes them like on Facebook or Instagram.

Active Userbase

LinkedIn has more active users than Twitter!
Over 130 million Americans have a LinkedIn account.
70% of LinkedIn users are outside U.S too.

Curate Your Leads

LinkedIn was built to curate leads, warm them with content, and get them lining up to get into your funnel.

Find Opportunities

From speaking engagements to venture funding, you can find endless business opportunities on LinkedIn.

Let's Work Together on Your LinkedIn Strategy- Book a 90 Minute Consult Here!

stream the lowdown on video

Get a jolt of information, motivation, and inspiration to save you time and boost your vibe as you level up your Business! 

Hot and cold running professional development, anyone?

Grow Your Network, Get Visible, & Land Jobs

Personal branding is key to standing out in a crowded job market. Right now, LinkedIn is the best way to get visible in your field to attract new opportunities. Don’t let a lackluster profile sink your visibility on LinkedIn.

This is the time to take the opportunities on LinkedIn… before your competition does!

Influencers like Gary Vee are making LinkedIn their focus to expand on this unsaturated market. Why? Because active LinkedIn users have high incomes, a business focus, and are looking to develop their personal and professional lives.

Let me be your LinkedIn Sherpa. I will show you how to utilize this powerful platform without feeling like a corporate zombie. 

Books to Inspire You

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