Hi, I’m Sami and I believe that if you kickstart your career, you kickstart your life!

After five years of experience with colleges, nonprofits, and tech bootcamps, I have helped thousands of professionals just like you thrive in the job market!

Most career coaches focus on discovering your passion, I go a step farther by taking your dream and turning it into a plan with actionable tactics to build your industry profile, develop your network, and create a recession-proof career.

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Kickstart Your Career, Kickstart Your Life!

Are You A Career Kickstarter?

Career Kickstarter (noun informal): A person who is ready to level up their career to be creatively fulfilled, better paid, and making a positive impact! They are authentic, creative, and seeking freedom to build a life they love. Whether starting out or on career pivot #11, a Career Kickstarter is curious, lifelong learner, and multi-talented. They got moxie. Career Kickstarters are forging careers on their terms!

Your career isn’t left up to fate at Career Kickstart Academy. You don’t need to feel like an impostor or suffer from career FOMO. We can teach you the tips, tricks, and high level strategies to design your career. 

If you want to run, not walk, toward your goal of a new job then let us show you how! 

We offer courses, templates, 1:1 coaching, and even host a podcast that is all about kickstarting your career. We can support you at any stage of your career evolution!


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